Vaartjes Transport provides internal and external company relocations

Vaartjes Transport takes care of the internal and external transport of machines, machine lines, installations, etc.

The well-trained and certified truck crane drivers have the desired lifting and hoisting equipment for every project to ensure that your machine placements and/or removals proceed correctly. If you wish to have the machines boxed, crated or placed on skids, Vaartjes Transport is the right place for you. We take care of this work entirely in-house for you. Our business partners personally measure the items to be packaged so that the correct size packaging, such as a box or skid, can be produced. This will be packed in-house by certified people at Vaartjes Transport. By combining machine transport with packaging and machine placement, Vaartjes Transport gives the label a total transport provider.

Storage-transport: If you come to the conclusion that you cannot place the machine within your building for the time being, we can store the goods for you. We would like to point out that all work we carry out is in accordance with our AVC and CMR conditions. However, if you regularly want to transport your valuable cargo with Vaartjes Transport, we offer you the option to take out exclusive transport insurance to cover any possible form of damage.

A selection of companies that have worked with us

We are happy to think along with you.

In addition to transport, we are happy to help with colored containers, temporary storage and interchangeable containers for self-loading.


We are happy to make a tailor-made quote for you to have a container sprayed in your house colors, including a pick-up and delivery service.



Vaartjes Transport is your logistics partner for all your container transports in 10 ft containers, 20 ft containers, 40 ft containers.

In addition, we offer our customers a great rental option in various container designs ranging from 20 ft containers and versions with warehouse / office furnishings. Are you looking for storage with your own access? Vaartjes Transport has various options available to you.


You are looking for swap bodies. Vaartjes Transport is the right partner for this. Our interchangeable containers are equipped with 2-sided doors and fully openable ceilings.

This gives you time to load your goods yourself. You inform us that we can come and load the swap box again and, if desired, we will place an empty copy at your location.